An app designed for Christian Dioceses

Find worship times, give donations, news and events all at your fingertips.

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Features you will love

Mass times

Just opening the app finds the closest Mass for its user.

Online Giving

Simple fully PCI-compliant giving solution. Increase your donations with the 2-click-give!

Customisable/All platforms

Android, Apple, Web. Use your own colours, logos and curate the content.


Do more with our app


Good Giving Platform

Simple, and quick giving options for parishioners

We support recurring donations, one-off donations and special collections

Reduce overheads in cash-handling, and streamline financial planning with our customised reporting solutions.


Find Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation times

Finding a mass time has never been so easy!

The app determines the user's location, and automatically presents the nearest/next Mass times.

The advanced search allows the user to choose a suburb, day and type(Mass,Adoration,Reconcilliation). The suburb field also predicts what the user is typing to speed up the search.

Free Push Notifications

Send push notifications to Apple and Android phones

Through a simple interface a brodcast notification can be sent to all app users. This will be prominently displayed on the home screen of the app

You can use our own event system, to send events with scheduled reminder push notifications.

Decentralised Events

A backend designed to engage all parishes to use the app

This is an optional feature, which allows each parish to have a log-in to our event system. This allows each parish to populate the events of the app with their own content.

This removes the need for the diocese office to receive emails, and publish parish events. All content that is created has an audit trail.



Integrate your prefered podcast into the app

The bishop might have a podcast of every Sunday homily which could then be accessed easily by app users.

Otherwise, popular podcasts such as Pray-as-you-go and Bishop Barron's Word on Fire can also be integrated, all we need is an RSS Feed.



Integrate your news feed into the app

Most diocese have their own news publication, which can be integrated into the app

The entire content of the news feed can be integrated, or a small snippet, which can then drive traffic your online publication



  • 1
    Solve the first need of diocese website users

    Through research and hotspot mapping, finding mass times is the most used feature of any diocese website

  • 2
    Online Giving for all parishes

    Support all parishes, big and small with online giving capabilities

  • 3
    Get the bishops message to the diocese

    Bishop's would love more members of the diocese to hear their message. Fulfil this with our homily and podcast features


A word from the founder


There are 2 components

Paid at app launch Annual Fee
    Pricing based on diocese size(from $50 AUD per week)
    Includes hosting costs
    Customer support and service
    Christmas Mass time upload
    Easter Mass time upload
Online Giving Low Rates
    Transaction rates cheaper than stripe/paypal/eway
    Unlimited Parishes
    Diocese level reporting
    Parish Level Reporting
    User also has their transaction history
    Can integrate into your financial systems

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get all the mass time data?

We can parse your existing website, or you can fill out one of our easy to use excel templates

Do I need any software developement capability

We handle all the software developement and hosting, we only require to know what you want to see in the app, and any graphics.

What happens when the mass times change?

There is an easy to use backend to update mass times. Users can also provide feedback via the app when there is an error.

Can I use the mass times data on my website?

Yes we are able to provide you an Application Programming Interface(API) to support this.

Download Anywhere

Avaiable on all mobile platforms and fully integrateable with existing websites

*The above are links to the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese app to test out as an example